Helping Reduce Pollution, One Pallet at a Time

Imagine a garbage truck of plastic trash dumping into the ocean every minute… 18 billion pounds per year and growing. Imagine current plastic production doubling in the next 15 years. Imagine in 30 years our oceans filled with more plastic than fish.

It’s Good for You… and the Environment

We make most of our pallets out of recycled plastic. Post-consumer plastics do not need to be thermally treated, sparing the environment additional CO2 emissions. Moreover, our products can be recycled repeatedly without losing their technical and functional characteristics so new products are created based on the cradle-to-cradle principle. Unlike wooden pallets that have to be taken out of circulation after a few times through the chain, our plastic pallets can be used again and again. That way we keep within a closed ecological circuit.

We have largely taken over the recycling process ourselves. In the field of mixed plastics, which are difficult to recycle, we stand out for our particular expertise. As such, we offer our clients low-cost, high-value pallets that are specially tailored to their needs and requirements. That is because we are convinced that the right material isn’t the most expensive but rather the material that will best and most economically meet the particular demands.

Basic Materials

From Low-Cost to High-Value

The great advantage of plastic is its versatility and its recyclability. That is why we use recycled plastics made of high density polyethylenes (HDPE), polypropylenes (PP), or polyolefins as economical and environmentally friendly alternatives whenever the application allows. Our PO material makes the pallets cost-effective for one-way shipping yet so stable that they can be used repeatedly. By contrast, we make pallets that have to meet the highest physical and hygienic standards out of virgin HDPE or PP. Our Hygienic pallets, for example, are made exclusively out of food-safe HDPE.

Recycling, Not Disposal

You can turn over any kind of plastic pallets that you have bought from us or from another manufacturer with no problems and no cost. We will incorporate them into our recycling process and gain new products from them – so it doesn’t bother us if your pallets are used, damaged, or unusable. That way you will save on disposal costs – and we’ll see to it that your recyclable materials stay in a closed ecological circuit. We can accept pallets at our production locations or pick them up at your location by prior arrangement.